Bush Bug in Windows?

Try one more bug

=rand (200,99) type it in MS Word

and then hit ENTER

This is something pretty cool..!

Worth a check..! try it..!

Microsoft team couldn’t answer why this happened and they add a prize of $100,000 to the
person who could answer this…

Try it out yourself…

Bill Gates still doesn’t know why it happens, it was discovered by a Brazilian.”


One comment

  1. Hi its not as bug, its just a myth… MS Word for Windows has a powerful built-in macro language. It is one of those. Word’s RAND function enables you to insert dummy text automatically.

    Its is just a java script to generate random text. Its syntax is
    =RAND(no_of_paragraphs, no_of_sentences_in each_para)

    Searching google would result in many similar built-in macros…

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