SuDoku Solver

SuDoku Solver is a free open source program written in Java not to play, but to solve a SuDoku game. Main aim of this program is to act as an alternative to the Sudoku program available in Portable Apps bundle. This program is at its infancy. It has a very long way to go achieve that aim.

Sudoku is a an addictive puzzle game that can be solved with reasoning and logic. It features a grid containing rows, columns subdivided into boxes (also called matrix). Let us assume it is a 9X9 grid, grouped into a 3X3 matrices. Within this you arrange the numbers 1 through 9. But, each number can only appear once in each of the 9 3×3 grids. And it can only appear once in each row and on each column. It’s a simple concept, but it can get addictive quickly. Care has been taken to provide all existing feature of Sudoku Portable, for which it is written as a replacement.

Latest Version: Pre-Alpha 1.0.2

This is the first initial test release. Everything is new in here. Aim is to find out the solution to a given problem if it exists. (One solution if multiple solution exists).

Features in this release

  • Three grid sizes 4X4, 9X9 and 16X16 can be solved
  • Possibilities for a cell are shown in the cell’s tool tip
  • Options to save, open and print a game
  • Custom color options
  • Highlight row, column and matrix to which the cell belongs.
  • “Solve” feature finds a solution if it exists like a human (elimination and only possibility, Complex logics like Swordfish, XWing will be implemented in the future.)
  • “Guess” feature, if is checked and no solution is available by the above method then recursive brute force method is applied to receive the first solution.
  • Re sizable interface, so you can make the numbers as large as you’d like.



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