Gtalk Hack : Find whether Ur friend is Invisible or Offline..!

Here is the simple trick to find the friends who are online in google talk but appearing offline. This simple trick I have explained is not professional. From my experience, Any professional invisible state can be detected by this method, As this is not a tool but a hack.

Follow these steps in Gtalk to check who all are in invisible state :

  • Open the chat window by clicking your friend’s name .
  • Click you friends name and select “Go off the Record”.
  • Send some message to that user.
  • if you get the feedback from gtalk that “User is offline and can’t receive messages” in red color means that the user is really offline.
  • But if you get no response that means that the user is appearing offline and in invisible mode.
  • invisible


  1. Thanks for this tip da…

  2. u can send me details about gtalk how i hack another person computer on chat time

  3. Hello This is important info, am intrested in it… awesome stuff m8

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