PDFtoExcel Online Tool Extract PDF Tables to Excel Format..!

Occasionally you may want to reuse the table with tabulated data from PDF format. Without the hassle of manually editing the data to make it suitable for excel format, now here is a simple PDF to Excel Online conversion tool that helps to simplify the conversion process while able to maintain original quality for more effective work.


The online conversion tool is totally free and without any registration or installation required, it is quite simple to get these files converted in only few simple steps. First, go to here   http://www.pdftoexcelonline.com/ and browse for the specific file from your local drive. Then, just key in the email address that you intend to send the converted file into and that is all. Once these steps are completed, users will have to wait for a while for the conversion to be done and you will receive an email with converted file shortly depending on the conversion file size and network stability.

Although it may not able replicate the exact appearance as in the original tables, but the free online service can maintain all important formatting that matches its font size, styles, colors and etc in a neat XLS format for reuse. More importantly, it is able to produce output files that work with Google Docs, OpenOffice and other word processing applications.



  1. Thanks for this useful info…

  2. This post was very helpful, but I found a similar program to be quite useful, especially in business. At my work we use this program that quickly and painlessly converts my excel documents into pdf, taking away agonizing hours of manually entering all the information (such as statistics, invoices, etc.). It provides my business a simple way to make individualized statements for our business associates. Check it out here.

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