Bing Enters into Worlds Top 20 Websites

How much time does it take to launch a new service and bring it in to the coveted “worlds most visited” sites list? Not much if the service happens to be a Search Engine, and more importantly, if the search engine is from Microsoft. Well, it’s not the most visited website as yet. However, breaking into the top 20 was cakewalk for Bing, which managed the feat in just about two months from the launch date.

So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s now official. Microsoft’s Bing, launched sometime in June, has now made its quiet entry into Alexa’s top 20 list. It is still behind the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Strangely, Alexa’s “top 20” page still lists Bing’s erstwhile Avatar, Windows Live Search at the number five spot. Windows Live is dead for all practical purposes as going to redirects to Bing now.

While it may have inched itself into the top 20 list, it is still way behind Google, which continues to dominate the number one position. In second place is Yahoo followed by another Google property, YouTube. Almost two months since the launch of Bing, it sure is a good sign for Microsoft about Bing’s growth. However, it still has a long way to go before it can ruffle the feathers of folks over at Google in the Search Engine wars. As for Bing, its growth, in sheer numbers has been great; however, the overall usage pales in comparison to Google.

Source via : Techtree


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