Twitter Gets Vocal: Free Two Minute Calls

Jajah Web
Image via Wikipedia

In a very Skype-like move, Twitter has announced that it will provide users with the ability to Tweet vocally with free two minute calls between Tweeters.

This will allow users (or addicts) of the micro-blogging site to speak to each other without needing to know specific phone numbers.

The service is being launched by online telephony site Jajah, which requires you to register with your phone number and Twitter name.

To make a call you’ll just need to tweet “@call @twittername”, which will ring both your phone and your Tweeting partner’s handset. After your Tweeting two minutes is up, the line will automatically cut out.

While this provides a great way to get in contact with someone on Twitter, it also looks like a new means for spammers to get on your nerves. Neither Jajah nor Twitter have outlined how you can avoid calls from someone wanting to offer you a lost inheritance in Nigeria.

The service is currently being trialed in the US, but we’ll be sure to see it on this side of the Atlantic before long.


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