Enthiran-The Robo Review

1. One line story – Scientist Rajni creates a Robo Rajni(Chitti), Chitti Starts thinkins of its own(as Human and Against Human)…Rest Story Continues with fixing it …!!!

2. Thalaivar rocks – style, acting or voice modulation – supreme

3. Ash – fully seen with Rajini

4. Technical stuff – superb – be it photography, action scenes. Graphics work is the backbone of the movie.

5. Kilimanjaro sounds the best in cinemas. Very different back ground score this time with loads of metalic sounds

6. Negative – Too much of tech Effects…yes, some ten-fifteen minutes of length cut could have been better.

7. First half of the movie is very interesting and the second half is little bit lenthier n More songs made some more length

8. Flim simply Rocks with Rajini & Rahman.

9. Over all, a must watch in theatre – to experience the stylist ever rocking show ever on Big screens…



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