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Enthiran-The Robo Review

1. One line story – Scientist Rajni creates a Robo Rajni(Chitti), Chitti Starts thinkins of its own(as Human and Against Human)…Rest Story Continues with fixing it …!!! 2. Thalaivar rocks – style, acting or voice modulation – supreme 3. Ash – fully seen with Rajini 4. Technical stuff – superb – be it photography, action […]

Endhiran – The Robot First Look

Trailer 1 Trailer 2

A taste of Windows 7 advertising to come..!

Windows Live Movie Maker: Share Videos. Share Your Life Aero Shake: Shake Away the Clutter Personalization: Your PC, Your Style

How Friends Help!

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This advertisement has won 8 awards in Cannes

An Advertisment to create aware of wearing Seatbelt while Driving….!

The World’s Smallest DV Camera – Muvi Micro DV Cam

Good news for James Bond 007 fans! The Muvi Micro DV Cam is tiny enough for your small pockets, which the manufacturer claims as the smallest DV camera in the world, featuring 2 megapixel camera lens that able to record 640 x 480 resolution video at 30 frames per second to Micro SD memory card. […]

LG BD390 WiFi-Enabled Blu-Ray Player Supporting DivX HD (1080p) Video Files

The well-known digital media company, DivX, and LG Electronics have announced the launch of the new LG BD390, which the company claims as the first LG Blu-ray Disc player to support full HD (1080p) DivX video files, allowing users to watch their favorite DivX full high-definition videos on TV via Blu-ray disc, USB or streamed […]